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Bob Wilson


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Bob Wilson

Candidate in the 2010 Louis Riel - 1 School Ward race.

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Questionnaire Response

Why did you decide to run in the 2010 school board election?

Believe School Board Trustees should live within the community they serve. A successful Bob Wilson lives in Louis Riel School Division but has long history of living in Ward # 1. The father of five, a strong public schools develop strong citizens for the future. A candidate with experience I am committed to doing and making decisions for all school kids. A former sports convenor and volunteer maybe Ward # 1 schools may adopt my ideas on physical health and wellness.

In the 2006 campaign Bob Wilson promised new sources of revenue to offset a continuing provincial policy not to offer education a fair share of revenues. Former Chairman of Public Accounts and an advocate for prudent spending. The voters of Ward # 1 get a bonus if annual grants for education result from a strong Trustee who joins the present cooperative trustee group at Louis Riel School Division.

What experience will you bring to complement your role as school trustee?

My modest campaign information card spells briefly experience, accessible full time providing district opportunities within the Public School System. In addition my Masters of Public Administration is a policy analysis, debate & implementation. The exact criteria mentioned for a strong candidate by the mbschoolboards.ca TAKE 5 memo.

Father of five with three girls still in the public educational system. The Public School system has served my family with first class education. My conflict is my deceased wife Charlene (Rizok) Wilson was a school teacher Grade # 3 twenty years Laura Secord...my bias towards strong development for all teachers to ensure equal treatment for all students.

Bob Wilson has a record of volunteerism, sports convenor, manager, a good neighbour a proven team to solve school division issues and concerns.

Senior's Month Oct 16 spend the day new SS Ward # 1 new trustee voters Dawson Road S and Symington Rd 20 E none-had met the" incumbents." vs Bob Wilson is accessible 24/7 for all voters to express their concerns.

What are the major issues you would like to stand for and why did you choose these issues?

What are major issues you would like to stand for, and why did I choose them?

How often has the property tax bill increased because of increased education costs? City Council holds the line and the school division gobbles up the savings thru generous budget increases. It's time to take education costs off the propertytax bill some new creative fund through income tax. True taxpayers would pay about the same as they do , just in a more fair and different way. When Chairperson for Public Accounts under the Lyon Government my investigative skills found many government funded trusts funded by general revenues.

My speeches in Hansard as MLA " why should the richest members get a grant" while school are facing possible closures. In 2003 again reminded the lawyers their total assets of $ 32 million where for education according to the 1974 NDP agreement...grants for education. My private members Bill would have transferred part of $ 2 million annual transfer to the Minister of Education. In 2006, as a school candidate I promised new sources of revenue....2010 NEW SOURCES of revenue await a strong SCHOOL TRUSTEE. ON CITY COUNCIL our slogan " A FAIR SHARE OF TAXES ' got results from provincial finances.

Be Smart vote for a strong candidate who lives, willing to share in Ward 1 his home riding. Why? I can deliver results or resign!

Is there anything in particular you would like to change in your school division? In your ward?

Take 5 minutes to consider: Does Bob Wilson care about schools?

The MSBA Manitoba School Boards Association want and promote incumbents " the holders " Yes, a call for transparency , fairness and proper research on the full slate of strong candidates. MBSC demands quote " a full range of school division issues and concerns" no dialogue exists by this pro comfortable 'status quo' SCHOOL BOARDS ASSOCIATION OK TO STATE candidate be capable,committed and caring

In the future school board elections should be fair sample is all rest stops booked by incumbents? a list of all advance polling of senior large holdings unknown to new candidates.. Bob Wilson was tipped to only two and yes incumbents all had mail boxes , under the door and business mail insertions all arrange the day prior to elections staff. Full disclosure school will close if strangers elected? Wilson's wife a teacher vs incumbent an English teacher and owns education firm. Whose in conflict.... Finally, change qualifications of very large Ward # 1 ....candidates must reside in Ward for at least six months.

Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

Do an honest research review older schools new programs and use....NEW ENERGY SAVINGS RETROFITS, NEW WINDOWS, FURNACES A NEW ENERGY SAVING POLICY. JOINT USE OF THESE SCHOOLS FOR DAY CARES in these under used schools. why in private homes? give owners reasonable rents. Sport activities i.e. floor hockey , chess , arts and crafts. Support the arts....even youth bands underfunded for practice space....in my words vote for change...value for trustee's paycheque!

KNOW ALL ABOUT THE DIFFERENCT NEIGHBORHOODS in Ward # 1 Louis Riel School Division. Bobby Wilson grew up in old St Vital / Norwood Grove areas. Schools Glenwood and Glenlawn Collegiate modest 33 Clonard and 62 Ellesmere Avenue. Gordon Wilson and his two brothers all three from St Vital killed in the service for future public education and a peaceful workforce> teenage bob wilson joined the CNR FREIGHT and was sec_treas of cbrt&gw local #92. THE WILSON + GRAVENOR TEENS MOVED TO WINDSOR PARK 21 bolder bay and then 97 HANSFORD ROAD FOR THE LAST SIX PLUS YEARS 199 KITSON STREET in norwood grove. All located in Ward # 1 Louis Riel School Division. Accessible 24/7 1-204-2371948 boblessing@mts.ne

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