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Deanne Crothers

Candidate in the 2010 St. James - Brooklands Council Ward race.

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Questionnaire Response

1. Why did you decide to run in the 2010 Winnipeg election?

I am running because I’m frustrated with the lack of practical planning and the habit of sacrificing the well being of the city’s people for dubious gains.

City hall needs to be listening to the people it represents. It should be communicating more clearly on important issues with the public. It seems to me that decisions are being made to support projects that the public is clearly asking for more information on. The Veolia deal as an example. I’m not interested in having more high priced projects, (i.e. the water park), until the places and services of this city are brought up to date and maintained. Quality of life for Winnipeg people should be a significant part of decision-making at city hall.

2. What experience will you bring to complement your role as councillor?

My previous work as an Adult Literacy Instructor brought me into contact with a variety of people, many of whom were struggling with issues in their lives that were holding them back from succeeding. I learned to be a good listener, developed a deeper sense of empathy for others, and how to look at a problem from several angles to find the solution that worked best for that person, with that person. These three skills go a long way when you are problem solving and better yet, everyone feels good about it at the end of the day.

3. What are the major issues you would like to stand for and why did you choose these issues?

My top three concerns are proper support for community initiatives, infrastructure and the issue of crime. I feel that with a stronger sense of community within wards, and a city hall possessing the vision to promote this, many of the issues we face would be less critical or non-existent. This requires effort on both the part of the citizenry and city. A stronger sense of community from actively involved residents would have implications on the level of crime in neighbourhoods where people are engaged over what takes place on their streets. Time and money spent at this level is a good investment and will, I believe, be less expensive in the long run, allowing for funds to be reallocated to other city concerns. Infrastructure is again tied to the quality of every day life for the city's people, whether it affects the roads they drive or bike on, the city owned buildings they spend time in or the operation of basic services such as water and sewer. We can't afford to keep patching things together-we need vision.

4. Is there anything in particular you would like to change in our city? In your ward?

I would really like to see the city develop a comprehensive plan that would address the city’s development over the next 5-12 years. The first 5 would be spent taking care of the great features of this city that exist, but are poorly cared for or simply neglected. The next 7 would be spent developing a few, far-sighted additions to what the city has to offer and doing those few things very well. Winnipeg is unique. We should be making the most of what we have because it’s worth taking care of. With a clear vision and a good, solid plan we could be the example of what a healthy, cultured, innovative city should be.

As for my ward, I’d love to see a St. James-Brooklands farmer’s market. It would be a great opportunity to develop community appreciation and there is nothing like seeing people in your area on a regular basis to deepen that sense of connection and responsibility one has for the place in which they live.

5. Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

I am just like many other St. James-Brooklands residents. I work, pay my taxes, worry about my kids, feel like I never have enough time to do as much as I would like, but try to take in as much as I can of what this city has to offer. There are things about Winnipeg and my ward that I love and there are things that I despair over. I believe that if enough councillors at city hall have the will to find solutions by working together, through healthy debate and the spirit of cooperation, the city could quickly begin to improve the lives of all of its citizens. If given the opportunity, I intend to represent the people of my ward in this fashion

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