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Rav Gill

Candidate in the 2010 City of Winnipeg Mayoral race.

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Questionnaire Response

** Why did you decide to run in the 2010 Winnipeg election?**

First I would like to thank you for setting up this website and providing a quick reference point for busy Winnipeggers to evaluate and scrutinize the nominated candidates in an unbiased fashion. I decided to run for mayor to give back to this city through the public sector. I chose to live in Winnipeg and now I’m choosing to make Winnipeg a better place to live, work, and invest for everyone. This means making Winnipeg safer, improving traffic and public transportation, and bringing businesses and jobs to Winnipeg. The first step is to stop our young people and entrepreneurs from leaving Winnipeg because they believe our city doesn’t offer the amenities, culture, and economic opportunities other cities do. I believe I have the ambition, vision, and ability to get this done working with all council members regardless of where they sit on the political spectrum.

** What experience will you bring to complement your role as mayor?**

I firmly believe this is a people person job first, so I equate experience with how well does the candidate know the people in Winnipeg? As well, how in touch is the candidate with the needs of all Winnipeggers? In real estate I’ve been fortunate enough to work with our citizens from all areas, of all income levels, and of all ages. This has given me an inside perspective on their needs for safe neighbourhoods, affordable housing, traffic, public transportation, and many other issues we are dealing with in this election. In the private sector I have also owned and operated my own businesses, as well I assisted many other Winnipeggers establish their own small or large business, across every ward in the city. This has given me an intimate knowledge of their concerns (taxation, zoning, etc.) to bring to city hall. My other experiences include property development, management, and financing.

** What are the major issues you would like to stand for and why did you choose these issues?**

Reducing crime and making all neighbourhoods safer is the biggest issue. In particular my focus has been on cracking down on gang activity. I chose this issue because having an area where criminals feel free to conduct their activity while residents don’t feel comfortable enjoying their neighbourhood is a standard of living I find unacceptable. In the private sector I was able to convert many gang houses into affordable housing for working Peggers, making a significant impact for the entire block. As mayor I’d like to continue this work with a dedicated police gang unit and a Crime Free Housing program, both which have proven effective in reducing crime attributed to gang activity. I am also focusing on traffic, infrastructure, and a long term rapid transit system. Some of our city’s biggest priorities need to include completing the inner ring road to divert traffic from downtown, and developing a light rail transit system. My other focus is developing our downtown into a true urban neighbourhood that people of all incomes can live, work, and play in. I have the experience of moving people and businesses downtown and would like to continue this work as mayor.

** Is there anything in particular you would like to change in our city?**

It’s unfortunate some people in our city have a defeatist attitude and don’t embrace our city with the same pride like the other half of our citizens I’ve met during the campaign. This is evident in our low voter turnout of 38% in 2006. It’s not that they don’t love our city, it’s because they don’t see our city providing all the amenities other cities have and don’t believe any mayor can bring about the visionary change they desire. I choose to live in Winnipeg and I’m proud of it. This is something I can change with strong leadership that never settles for second best or doing something on the cheap.

** Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?**

It’s up the voters to decide who they trust with their tax dollars and who they want to be their mayor for the next 4 years. Now more than ever each voter can easily research what each candidate is offering, and decide if that candidate can get it done. The mayor only gets one vote at council but is still in position to make some real changes to our city. I’ll also say I have enjoyed meeting so many people, especially people who never felt represented at city hall before or never voted before because they didn’t support any of the candidates. I’m proudly running my campaign as an independent and don’t believe partisan politics have a place in the mayor’s office. I find most Winnipeggers want someone working for them, and not a political party when making decisions. Lastly, get out there and vote people

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