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Harry Wolbert

Candidate in the 2011 St. Vital Council Ward race.

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Questionnaire Response

Questionnaire Response from the October 2010 General Election

Harry Wolbert also ran in the 2010 Winnipeg election in this ward. The following is his October 2010 response to our general election questionnaire.

1. Why did you decide to run in the 2010 Winnipeg election?

I have decided to run because I did not like the direction in which the current mayor and council have been taking our city. Winnipeg has once again (for the third year in a row) been designated as the Violent Crime Capital of Canada. This is unacceptable! Our City’s current approach to this and other issues just aren’t working. The current mayor and City Council have said that the poor are not their responsibility. I disagree. Our city does have a role to play in poverty reduction. The time has come for some new faces on city council with some fresh, new ideas.

2. What experience will you bring to complement your role as councillor?

I am a recognized leader in my community. I will bring the same passion, commitment and leadership skills to City Council that I make use of in my daily work as an advocate for the poor and persons with disabilities.

3. What are the major issues you would like to stand for and why did you choose these issues?

There are three issues. We need to start getting tough on crime while at the same time dealing with some of its “root causes” such as poverty, homelessness and gangs. Crime is not a Conservative or Liberal issue. Rather, crime is an issue that affects us all! In the late 1990’s my wife Valerie was the victim of a violent crime. Gang members had murdered her first husband in our city’s core area. We also need to do some about our city’s crumbling infrastructure. If there’s money for a helicopter and football stadium, then there should be the resources to maintain our roads, bridges and community centres. The final issue that I hope to champion is accountability in government. Our City Council needs to be more open, honest and transparent. If I’m elected, there will be no more secret, back-room deals.

4. Is there anything in particular you would like to change in our city? In your ward?

I would change the way that I as a politician communicate with the citizens of the St. Vital Ward. If elected, I would hold between 3 – 4 townhall meetings each year in order to connect with the residents of St.Vital and to discuss the issues that are of interest and concern to them. They would not just be hearing from their local politician at election time. I believe that politicians are to be servants of the people.

5. Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

It is time for a new “vision” for the City of Winnipeg. My vision for the City is one, which includes all of its citizens (rich and poor, newcomers, Aboriginals, persons with disabilities, university students, seniors, etc.) I would like to propose that Winnipeg City Council adopt the following goal: In 10 years, Winnipeg will become the most inclusive and accessible city in all of Canada. Adopting that goal would bring out the best in all Winnipeggers. This City could be a leader and a role model for Canada and for the rest of the World

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