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Beverley Watson

Candidate in the 2011 St. Vital Council Ward race.

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Questionnaire Response

Why did you decide to run in the 2011 Winnipeg by-election?

I am passionate about this city. We moved here from Northern Manitoba over 25 years ago to seek out the opportunities that a larger city could offer. And we found them. I have been very active in the community for many years, and simply want to do more to make this city greater than ever.
When the position of City Councillor for St. Vital became available, I knew my name had to appear on that ballot.
My registration papers were turned in to City Hall on October 18th, Person’s Day; 82 years to the day that women were finally declared as “persons” and could exercise their right to vote and to run for elected office. I was also born in 1960, the year that Aboriginal people were recognized as persons and realized the same rights. Running in this election is significant to me on many levels. I can, and will, make a positive contribution to this ward and to my city.

What experience will you bring to compliment your role as Councillor?

I am a business owner, a former broadcaster, and a community volunteer. I excelled in management studies at the University of Manitoba. I am skilled in managing budgets; have a knack for marketing; and am a dynamic public speaker.
My community involvement is extensive. Currently, I am the Chair of the Board for the Women’s Enterprise Centre, a board member with the Downtown Biz and Uniquely Manitoba. Recent board positions have also included Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors at Red River College and President of the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce. I have also served on the boards of Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity, the Manitoba School Improvement Program, and Economic Development Winnipeg.

I have cycled thousands of miles to raise money for Habitat for Humanity Cycle of Hope, and completed a full marathon to raise money for Manitobans with intellectual disabilities.

I am energetic, tenacious, vocal and articulate. I am ready, willing and able to represent St. Vital at City Hall.

What are the major issues you would like to stand for and why did you choose these issues?

SAFETY: The one and only police station in St. Vital is slated to be shut down next spring. St. Vital needs a voice at City Hall and needs to take immediate action to reverse the decision. Police presence is essential for all communities. In addition, we need to expand the Downtown Watch concept to various locations in St. Vital. Having police and watch patrols in our neighbourhoods will deter vandals.

TRAFFIC CONGESTION: We need to schedule roadwork more efficiently, and NOT on two of the limited northbound routes at the same time. We need to review limiting left turns and parking at peak hours. Plus, we must consider REDUCING the number of cars on the road by encouraging cycling (when appropriate), carpooling, and bus use. Currently, transit schedules and routes are simply not sufficient and must be revamped immediately.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: We must ensure that the members of the community are heard and are engaged. I would:

  1. Set up regularly scheduled town hall meetings to encourage input
  2. Establish a Seniors Advisory Council
  3. Establish a Youth Advisory Council to engage young people
  4. Schedule regular neighbourhood walks and gatherings throughout the full term, not just at election time.

Is there anything in particular you would like to change in our city? In your ward?

First, we need to address safety and crime issues. People need to feel safe where they live, where they work, and where they play. We need to tackle panhandling. We need a stronger, more visible police presence, and we need to enhance the downtown patrol programs. And we need to involve more groups to take action help eradicate such horrible living conditions for our poorest residents.

As for crime, the federal crime bill has been criticized as too harsh. The local police chief’s plan has been criticized for being too weak. We don’t like the status quo, yet alternative solutions are not being presented.

Secondly, we need to improve our transportation systems. Rapid transit has been discussed for years now, and suddenly there is a realization that it needs to be funded. And so now we’re trying to do that 25 cents at a time. We need a better transit system period, and we need it now.

Finally, we need to maintain and protect our green space. A recommendation has been tabled to sell off some of the city’s golf courses to residential or commercial developers. We need a better plan than to pave paradise.

Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

About my family… I grew up in Thompson; daughter of a miner, and 2nd oldest of 9 children (my mother is a saint). I married my high school sweetheart Rick and moved to Winnipeg over 25 years ago. We had a home in Garden City where our boys grew up, then a condo in Downtown Winnipeg before choosing St. Vital as our new home 3 years ago. I have been married to Rick for 32 years. Our two sons Steven and Michael are both chefs right here in Winnipeg. Steven and his wife Melanie are proud parents of Owen, my 1 year old grandson.

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