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Marty Green

Candidate in the 2011 St. Vital Council Ward race.

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Questionnaire Response

Why did you decide to run in the 2011 Winnipeg by-election?

I’m running for City Council for one reason only: to fix the bus system. I have a plan to fix the bus system without spending 2 billion dollars. The City says my plan won’t work because it doesn’t take into account the needs of the elderly and the handicapped. I don’t want to sound like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, but if you design a system to cater to the needs of the elderly and the handicapped, then that’s who’s going to ride your busses. If you want to attract the ridership of busy people who need to get from A to B in a hurry, then you’ve got to design your system for their needs. It means a little more walking and a lot less waiting. I’ve calculated the timing and laid out all the routes on my website where you can check it out at http://www.onforeignsoil.com/betterbussystem/ You can also see me advocating for my bus plan on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GDfEjVlZLs

Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

Other than my plan to fix the bus system, I am most interested in finding areas where the existing system of regulations and bylaws creates a disincentive for people to do the right thing. I have a vague suspicion that the lack of affordable housing would be corrected by the free market if not for the adverse affect of certain regulations. And I don't think people should pay more property taxes because they improve their homes. And although I am concerned with crime in Winnipeg, I strongly oppose the omnibus crime bill. I believe all the "get-tough" rhetoric is merely playing to the peanut gallery, and the only ones to suffer would be small-time offenders who didn't have the savvy to play the system.

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