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Marie Antaya

Candidate in the 2010 River East - Transcona - 5 (2010) School Ward race.

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Questionnaire Response

Why did you decide to run in the 2010 school board election?

I want to be the community’s partner in supporting public education. I have the education and work experience that a school trustee requires. I understand that school trustees are not there to push their personal opinions, but instead they are there to:

  • act as a member of a team
  • establish and review policies
  • be accountable to the Province of Manitoba and to the community members within the division

Most importantly, I will be there to ensure that the needs of the students come first.

What experience will you bring to complement your role as school trustee?

As a business owner, an educator and a past civil servant, I bring a lot of work experience to the table.

One example is my budgeting experience. Currently, I oversee the financial management of a successful training and consulting company. While working in government, I helped manage a multi-million dollar budget for a department that had to work with constant budgetary restrictions and cutbacks.

With my experience as an educator, I know what it’s like to be in the classroom. I understand the daily challenges and pressures that teachers have.

As a civil servant, I worked in the department of Healthy Living on school-based programs. I worked with the administrators and teachers in all the schools in Manitoba. In the years that I was there, I gained an understanding of the unique partnership school divisions have with the Government of Manitoba. I also had the opportunity to see the various approaches and models the divisions throughout Manitoba are using to create a valuable and educational experience for all students.

Is there anything in particular you would like to change in your school division? In your ward?

The River East Transcona School Division can improve on its community engagement. The school board needs to be proactive in finding ways to encourage community members to participate and share their opinions.

As a school trustee, I will improve community engagement by:

  • maintaining a website to keep all community members informed
  • sharing the board meeting minutes
  • acting as a liaison between the school board and our community
  • voicing the education issues of our community
  • seeking the opinions of all members of our community and communicating those opinions to the board

Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

I understand and know that the school board operations are often set by provincial legislation or policy.

As school trustee, I will support decisions that will create a safe and stimulating learning environment for all students within the division. I will accomplish this goal by working as part of a team with the other elected trustees. I will also take the time to be an informed board member by seeking the opinions of the community and by researching and analyzing all possible options.

I have a strong desire be an accountable and dependable community representative and I would be honoured to have your vote.

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