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Darlyne Bautista

Candidate in the 2010 Winnipeg - 3 (2010) School Ward race.

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Questionnaire Response

Why did you decide to run in the 2010 school board election?

I decided to run for School Trustee because I want to represent and reflect the growing diversity of our schools. I feel I can offer a perspective not yet seen as I am intimately acquainted with the issues from the perspective of a student (who graduated from the Winnipeg School Division), a scholar (who investigates the acculturation concerns of immigrant families and youth), and a community leader (who works in constant consultation with parents, students, and teachers).

What experience will you bring to complement your role as school trustee?

  • I continue to live in the same neighbourhood where I graduated from both Machray Elementary and St. John’s High schools. I also completed a Bachelors of Arts (Honours) at the University of Winnipeg and Masters of Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My love for learning is deep rooted in my experiences as a student of the Winnipeg School Division. I am committed to give back to the community that has attributed to my academic accomplishments.
  • I am a founding member of Aksyon Ng Ating Kabataan (ANAK) Inc. a youth-based non-profit that builds partnerships with students, families, teachers, and scholars to provide educational resources, mentorship and scholarships to immigrant youth.
  • I am the curator of Manitoba’s first Filipino-Canadian oral history project and exhibit at the Manitoba Museum; and coordinator of Canada’s first accredited Philippine Studies Course at the University of Winnipeg. These innovative projects attest to my investment in diversifying education so that it is inclusive of all peoples and cultures.

What are the major issues you would like to stand for and why did you choose these issues?

The major issues I hope to stand for are the ones I have learned from students, parents, and teachers. These include:

  • Community – Our schools need to reflect the learning that also takes place outside of the conventional classroom. Students (especially immigrant youth) are often left to navigate differing cultural perspectives taught in class and at home. I have learned that families and community groups can help students through this process with mentorship, language, and after-school activities with the right encouragement. These supports are far more reaching and meaningful to students because it builds relations and greater multicultural understanding.
  • Safety – To ensure our schools remain a positive learning environment free from negative pressure.
  • Resources – To carefully understand the budget so that resources are managed carefully and fairly. I am disheartened to learn some accelerated programs are no longer offered at the high school level due to low enrollment. I fear that this will limit the potential of those children who wish to take part but cannot.
  • Opportunity – To ensure all students are given a chance to realize their full potential through meaningful activities (including sports, arts, music, employment, volunteering)

Is there anything in particular you would like to change in your school division? In your ward?

I would like to enter the discussion on amalgamating Winnipeg school divisions and Winnipeg School Division ward boundaries.

Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

Please feel free to contact me.

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