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Press Mentions

RRC Projector - October 25th, 2010

Two Red River College instructors hope their election website will encourage more students to show up at the polls on Oct. 27.

Winnipeg Free Press - October 23rd, 2010

Information-technology instructors Kyle Geske and Jody Gills created the non-profit website in July to provide voters with more information about mayoral, council and school-trustee candidates.

As of Friday, their repository included 1,082 election articles, compiled form a variety of Winnipeg media websites, as well as 83 questionnaires completed by candidates.

Winnipeg Filipino Journal - October 22nd, 2010

Winnipeg's newest citizen election website sent questionnaires to all trustees.

CBC TV News Manitoba - October 19th, 2010

Co-Founder Jody Gillis was featured as part of a story on the effect of social media on election campaigns.

CBC TV News Manitoba - October 4th, 2010

Featured as part of a story on advanced voting for the 2010 Winnipeg election.

CBC Radio Noon Winnipeg - October 4th, 2010

Co-founder of Kyle Geske was interviewed by Marilyn Maki of Radio Noon. Listen to a portion of the interview (as featured in a CBC EAL podcast).

The Uniter - September 16th, 2010

Anyone serious about voting in the upcoming election will want to check out, a website that features the latest news, information about previous civic elections and info on how you can determine what your ward is if you don’t already know.

Uptown Magazine - September 9th, 2010

Recently launched, is a new online resource for Winnipeggers looking to get up to speed before heading to the polls. Along with gathering election news, the site also offers information on candidates for city council, linking you to their websites, email addresses, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and, in some cases, their YouTube feeds.

Press Releases Returns for 2011 By-Election - November 23, 2011 pdf is back. The citizen-built election resource was updated earlier this month in preparation for this Saturday’s by-election. The site, originally built by Open Democracy Manitoba for the 2010 Winnipeg general election, continues to empower and educate local voters about the roles, issues, and visions of our representatives.

The website features interactive ward maps, ward statistics and historical information about past elections, along with profiles of the current council and school trustee candidates. Twenty-one of the twenty-five candidates running in the November 26th by-election have replied to the platform questionnaire. Candidate questionnaire responses are featured on the site, along with links to their web pages, email addresses, and social media accounts.

Civic by-elections are typically plagued by low voter turn-out. In response to this challenge, the members of Open Democracy Manitoba are running a social-media campaign on Twitter and Facebook, spreading information about this by-election in hopes of increasing voter turnout.

Candidates and Voters Embrace Winnipeg Election Website - October 18, 2010 pdf is pleased to announce its continued success in providing the citizens of Winnipeg with a useful resource for making informed decisions about the October 2010 civic election. Traffic on the website is at an all time high and the response to their all candidate questionnaire is exceeding expectations.

"We're excited to see such engagement by candidates" says Jody Gillis, one of the founders of the site. "Over sixty-four candidates have replied to our questionnaire and this number is growing daily."

With 150,000+ page views and 15,000+ unique visitors, the locally developed website is growing rapidly by accumulating accurate and up-to-date information about the upcoming election. "These stats tell us that voters are eager to research their candidates online." says co-founder Kyle Geske. "With only nine days until the election, we’re expecting an acceleration of activity."

Citizen Created Election Website Attracts Attention - September 23, 2010 pdf

Frustrated by the lack of information about their local candidates during the 2006 Winnipeg civic election, city residents and cousins Kyle Geske and Jody Gillis decided to build an online election resource for their fellow citizens. Geske and Gillis, instructors at Red River College, spent a large part of their spare time during the past two months working on a website for the upcoming Winnipeg civic election. Their work has paid off. Their website has become a recognized source of information for this October’s election.

"We are concerned about voter apathy," says Geske when asked about site goals. "We believe that open and accessible information fosters interest. The strength of our government depends on informed voters."

The site features interactive ward maps, ward statistics, historical information about past elections, and a calendar of election related events. Candidates are listed along with links to their web pages, email addresses, Facebook fan pages and Twitter feeds. News articles that mention candidates are also linked providing up to date information from a variety of media sources.

As the site grows in popularity, it’s not just citizens who are taking notice. "We have city council and mayoral hopefuls contacting us to provide their photos and social media links," says Gillis. "Engaging citizens online evens the playing field for all candidates."

Now that nominations have been finalized, Geske is working on adding a school trustee section to the site. Meanwhile, Gillis is preparing a candidate questionnaire.