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Natalie Smith

Candidate in the Mynarski Councillor Candidates race.

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Questionnaire Response

Natalie Smith - Mynarski

What got you into politics?

I like figuring out the answers to complex problems. It’s hard to pinpoint when exactly my interest in politics first started, but my curious nature led to me enrolling at the University of Winnipeg to pursue a Honours Degree in Political Science (2013-2018) in my mid-20s. During my time in university, I was a part of the Canadian Federation of Students, and I campaigned for the U-Pass referendum for Winnipeg-based Universities, which was passed in 2014. I was also the Chief Elections Commissioner in 2015-16 at the University of Winnipeg.

I currently sit as a board member of We Rock Winnipeg, nonprofit volunteer-based organization dedicated to the empowerment of female, trans, two-spirit, and gender variant youth and adults through collaborative music creation and performance.

What experience will you bring to compliment your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee)?

I have experience working both in political offices as well as non-profits. I worked as a Constituency Assistant under MLA Lisa Naylor as well as Executive Assistant to Councillor Vivian Santos. Both these roles gave me experience building relationships and collaborating with multiple levels of government, businesses, and non-profits. My day to day also included answering calls from community members and completing case work on their behalf.

I also worked with Women’s Health Clinic as a Communications Officer, where I worked with a team on developing Harm Reduction materials that were shared with medical clinics across Manitoba. When I worked for North End Community Renewal Corp my role was to build relationships between tenants and landlords, and provide emergency housing support when a resident’s living situation was in jeopardy.

What are some issues that you would like to stand for in your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee), and why are these issues important to you?

For the last 12 years, development in our ward has been stagnant. I feel that this is a direct result of leadership who fails to build relationships and collaborate towards a common good.

Mynarski residents have made it clear – safety is a top priority. While living in St. John’s I have experienced break ins, theft, and vandalism to my own home. There have been police shootings in our back lanes, and we regularly fall asleep to the sound of the police helicopter. Our city isn’t investing in crime prevention – they’re investing in crime reaction.

Our current issues with safety are a result of our City’s continued failure to address the root causes of crime: poverty, trauma, and social exclusion. The good news is, there are already amazing community leaders who have been tackling these areas for years, they just need the city’s help to scale up and increase impact. Investing in preventative measures (including housing programs, or mental health and addictions programs) can translate into cost savings in other areas – like hospital visits, policing, or even incarceration.

Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

Currently, there are 9,000 families on a waiting list for subsidized housing, and 1100 people identified as homeless as per the Street Census conducted by End Homelessness Winnipeg. If elected City Councillor, I pledge to increase the affordable housing stock in Winnipeg, including the rate at which we build new subsidized housing units. In addition, I will form a Nation-wide Coalition of City Councillors to lobby the Federal Government for increased funding towards social housing projects.

Safe, reliable transportation is also important to many residents of our ward. I pledge to implement the Short Term Master Transit plan (which includes new routes), work to reduce fares, and address safety issues that affect pedestrians and cyclists in our ward – including our abysmal snow removal that forces us to walk in the streets each winter!

This election has been an amazing experience and I have had the pleasure of meeting many of the great people that make up Mynarski, and I look forward to building a better future with you all.

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