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Perla Javate

Candidate in the Winnipeg - 6 Trustee Candidates race.

Perla can be reached on social media, or at [email protected].

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Questionnaire Response

Perla Javate - Winnipeg - 6

What got you into politics?

My life has always been centered in service, both at work and my community involvement.  Politics has never come to mind as a means of serving the community. Three years of retirement and two months prior to this election on October 26, 2022, two friends approach me to run for School Trustee in a persistent and convincing way. The line that finally got me was: “There has to be representation of the 60% newcomer, Indigenous and disadvantaged students in the Board”.  I was aware of this because I had  a presentation prepared when the Equity in Education Motion was being decided on by the Board.. It took a long, painstaking decision making process before I agreed to run since I had no idea about the political process.

Here I am, 2 weeks prior to election, door knocking every single day and talking to people about their concerns, needs and ideas  and finding it an eye opener, interesting and challenging.

Here I am now, a candidate, inspired by the fact that I can effect changes through policies that are responsive to needs and will ensure that our students  will be in a better place to receive quality education.

What experience will you bring to compliment your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee)?

I bring with me 34 years of experience working as Community Liaison Officer and Intercultural Support Worker for Winnipeg School Division.

In 1984, Filipino students started arriving in large numbers and Winnipeg School Division, through the request of the Philippine Community, hired two CLOs. I was one of them. Schools had no idea where their new students came from, what the marks they had in their report cards meant, why they are good in decoding, reading and lack comprehension, and many other questions. As CLO, I worked closely with all the schools with Filipino students, providing information, interpreting behaviour and language and providing support to teachers, resource teachers, guidance counsellors and administrators.

Work was equally intense working with parents and the community so there is better knowledge and understanding of the Canadian public school system and its expectations from parents and the community. I also had the chance to work with other newcomer students.

I currently serve as President of the Philippine Heritage Council of MB and Co-Chair of Ethnocultural Council of MB-Stronger Together Inc.

With these experiences, I bring the perspective of 60% of the student population of WSD which currently does not have a voice in the Board.

What are some issues that you would like to stand for in your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee), and why are these issues important to you?

My main goal is to ensure quality education for ALL children in our school  division. It is of prime importance to me that we graduate students possess the skills necessary so they can be competitive in the job market and  ensure a good future for themselves.  Here are three I am advocating for:

. Outreach Programs For the Vulnerable Students that help build relationships between families and schools. We need to foster trust  with all families including newcomer and indigenous communities so their children can thrive and be the best they can be.

. Support for our Teacher, our vulnerable frontline workers, who are responsible for teaching our students. We need to recognize their contributions, listen to their concerns and provide the necessary supports.

Early intervention for Students who are transitioning into or within the school system. Whether they are coming from other countries or remote reservations or rural Manitoba, children and their families need to feel connected and supported.

. Monitor the Implementation of Equity in Education motion passed by the past Board in a timely and efficient manner.

. A Review of the Present Organizational Structure , if warranted,  as part of the Board’s fiscal  responsibility.


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