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Rick Shone

Candidate in the Mayoral Candidates race.

Rick can be reached on social media, at [email protected], or by calling 204-500-0485.

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Questionnaire Response

Rick Shone - Mayoral Candidates

What got you into politics?

I am not a politician but I am a proud Winnipegger. I have chosen Winnipeg as my home to build my business and raise a family. During the 2018 election, I was struck by the lack of candidates willing to commit to bringing serious ideas and solutions to some of our biggest challenges. It was both frustrating and disappointing to see Winnipeg slip backwards over the next four years. As a small business owner, I was faced with many delays, such as parking minimums, in the city when obtaining permits. I also began to realize how many vacant and boarded houses we have in the city that become eyesores and safety hazards when they could be used in solving our affordable housing and homelessness challenges. I was constantly told by City Hall that the city “just moves slow” as if it were something we all should be okay with. I began to study our strategic plans and analyze the budgets to consider how we might do things better than we have before. I want to make Winnipeg a world class city for you and for me, a city that is known for all the good things and not the bad.

What experience will you bring to compliment your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee)?

Over the past 20 years I have developed a wide range of experience in budgeting, finance, negotiation, marketing, hiring and strategic planning. I have experienced the processes we currently have in place in Winnipeg from a “customer” perspective and have outlined many policies that increase operational efficiency in my platform.

I have sat on the board of Central Neighbourhoods Association, West End Biz and volunteer at Main Street Project. My support of many other community and environmental organizations has led me to an understanding of the type of city Winnipeggers’ want to live in but also what we need to get there. I bring experience of travel to 100’s of other world cities with ideas that Winnipeg can model to make itself world-class.

We need a leader who understands Winnipeg’s issues from a big perspective, one who leads with long term vision but can connect the dots on intertwined issues and takes real action to begin solving them in partnership with others.

Over the years, I have invested in Winnipeg, walked its streets and met thousands of people. I bring this diversity and depth of experience of business and life to City Hall and will lead with accountability and transparency.


What are some issues that you would like to stand for in your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee), and why are these issues important to you?

I will list a few from my platform that can be found at RickShone.ca

Financial Sustainability of Winnipeg

Building a better tax base downtown and in core areas by removing parking minimums, incentivize development of surface parking lots, allowing R2 and multi-family to encourage density and achieve Winnipeg’s 50% infill goals. Fixing the roads we have first and no new large capital projects in the next 4 years.

Transportation and Encouraging Other modes than car

Building a city that is better for walking and cycling. Closing the gaps in cycling routes and adding more protected lanes. Building cycling infrastructure when road renewal projects occur. Cleaner, safer and more frequent transit. It’s important to expedite the Long Term Network plan in order to bring transit closer to the majority of Winnipegger’s homes.


More green space but also quality greenspace, regardless of size in core areas and downtown. Adding green infrastructure to deal with water run off. Composting, protecting and enhancing our tree canopy.

Homelessness & Addictions

Our people are our success. Our city will be successful when Winnipeggers experience success. Support with Supervised Consumption sites, housing and lobby the provincial government to open more rehab facilities

More on my website!

Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

Winnipeg needs strong leadership. Someone who works with others, listens to others and takes real forward action. We have many plans in Winnipeg, so many of them are already written. I will prioritize the steps in these plans and begin finally executing on them so that Winnipeg will be a city we are all proud to live in. I will look to examples of success in other cities before we spend millions to create new plans of our own.

As Mayor, my focus will be to:

  1. Promote positive change and work with councilors, staff, partners and Winnipeggers to make it happen
  2. Work with the provincial and federal governments to ensure that our interests as Winnipeggers’ become their interests to secure funding and support for the most pressing challenges that face us.
  3. To be an ambassador of this city, a tireless promoter of what is good in Winnipeg to you and to everyone who visits.

Winnipeg is an amazing city. Our festivals, music, food, ethnic diversity make us interesting but the people of Winnipeg are what truly makes Winnipeg special. A Mayor cannot lead alone.  On October 26 vote Rick – a New Voice and a New Vision at City Hall


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Former mayoral candidate Rick Shone named as new PC candidate in Fort Garry riding

May 15, 2023

CBC Manitoba - ...his hat in the ring for the Progressive Conservatives in hopes of unseating an NDP incumbent in the coming provincial election. Business owner Rick Shone said he has received an official party nomination and will run for the PCs in the Fort Garry riding this fall. "I'm somebody who is really involved...

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October 26, 2022

Winnipeg Free Press - ...slate of candidates included former MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette, former Manitoba Liberal leader Rana Bokhari, consultant Jenny Motkaluk, businessman Rick Shone, security company owner Don Woodstock, engineer Idris Adelakun and grocery store worker Chris Clacio. The victor Gillingham’s pledge to lead a...

Scott Gillingham will be Winnipeg’s next mayor after tight race

October 26, 2022

CBC Manitoba - ...six months, 10 more registered . Robert-Falcon Ouellette won 7.7 per cent of the vote, Jenny Motkaluk 3.8 per cent, Rana Bokhari three per cent and Rick Shone 1.3 per cent. Don Woodstock, Idris Adelakun and Chris Clacio each had less than one per cent. WATCH | Winnipeg Votes...

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Last-minute Winnipeg mayoral pledges include Alexander Docks renewal, electoral reforms

October 25, 2022

CBC Manitoba - ...the last day before Winnipeg's election, two mayoral candidates unveiled last-minute promises. Candidate Rick Shone promised to spend $12 million revitalizing Alexander Docks, the Red River waterfront structure shuttered since 2015, when it was deemed unsafe. The City of Winnipeg has long-term plans to...

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