2022 Winnipeg Election Results

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Shaun Loney

Candidate in the Mayoral Candidates race.

Shaun can be reached on social media, at [email protected], or by calling 431-489-2538 .

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Questionnaire Response

Shaun Loney - Mayoral Candidates

What got you into politics?

Two years ago my wife Fiona and I were cleaning up an abandoned homeless camp close to our home in St. Boniface. As we were picking up garbage, I realized that there had been a woman that had been forced to resort to living in a hollowed out tree. I knew then that I wanted to run for mayor and bring real change to our city.

What experience will you bring to compliment your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee)?

I’ve worked in and for Winnipeg and Manitoban communities for almost 25 years. Some personal highlights include leading Manitoba from last to first in energy efficiency from my role in the Manitoban government as Directory of Energy Policy in 1999, co-founding BUILD, a Social Enterprise that employs ex-criminals in order to reduce crime and create stronger communities, and co-founding Aki Energy, Western Canada’s largest residential geothermal company. In 2018 I was awarded the Governor General’s Meritorious Service Decoration for “remarkable contributions” and I’ve also authored two books on the topic of social innovation. 

What are some issues that you would like to stand for in your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee), and why are these issues important to you?

I’ve mentioned a few issues that I am passionate about in my previous answers such as homlessness, green energy, and crime. My passion around those issues will always hold firm. However, what I believe sets me apart from other candidates in this mayoral election is that the majority of my opponents look at the issues Winnipeg faces as problems that need to be solved, often by money. The way I see it, with the help of Social Enterprises and a lens of social innovation Winnipeg can view these “problems” rather as opportunities for meaningful change.

Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

Something my campaign and I value extremely highly is Indigenous guidance and support. We recently announced what our first 100 days in office would look like, where I announced I would immediately visit with Elder Mae Louise Campbell on October 27th for guidance and advice. 

With Love and Compassion, we can do anything. Feel free to get in touch via any of my social media pages, or find a time to come meet me in person at one of our upcoming events!

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Manitoba NDP fundraising nets $1.3M in 2022

April 3, 2023

Winnipeg Free Press - ...donors include inner-city advocate Sel Burrows, former Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1505 leader Romeo Ignacio, 2022 Winnipeg mayoral candidate Shaun Loney, and two of Manitoba’s three NDP members of Parliament: Daniel Blaikie and Leah Gazan. Kinew said the year brought an influx of new donors, mixed...

Local stories that mattered in 2022

December 30, 2022

Winnipeg Free Press - ...Jenny Motkaluk, past Winnipeg mayor Glen Murray, two-term city councillor Scott Gillingham, rookie councillor Kevin Klein, social enterprise leader Shaun Loney, former member of Parliament Robert-Falcon Ouellette and former Manitoba Liberal leader Rana Bokhari, among others. The contest did not turn out as...

More, and still more, of the same

December 8, 2022

Winnipeg Free Press - ...cent of Winnipeggers have had their say (what an appalling statistic!), I can state that had I lived within the city limits, I would have voted for Shaun Loney. Having known him for about 20 years, I believe he wanted the job in order to solve problems at a city level that he has been working to solve in...

New mayor should consult with election rivals

November 7, 2022

Winnipeg Free Press - ...would do well to consult with other key candidates for mayor, post-election, in order to build a solid city-wide consensus to address these issues. Shaun Loney, for example, has a proven track record in the alternative energy sector and creating innovative solutions to address both homelessness and crime. ...

Mayoral vote reveals ‘doughnut phenomenon’

October 31, 2022

Winnipeg Free Press - ...of Winnipeg’s mayoral election results reveal where the vote was won and lost, with Shaun Loney outperforming Glen Murray in core areas, and vote-rich suburbs propelling winner Scott Gillingham. Graphics created by the Free Press show a doughnut-like phenomenon — rather than a north-south split —...

Behind the scenes on election night: Anxious moments at the Murray, Gillingham campaigns

October 29, 2022

CBC Manitoba - ...the race. Klein made it clear he was going to focus his campaign on crime. Murray presented himself as an urban visionary, while upstart candidate Shaun Loney portrayed himself as the best candidate to tackle homelessness and other complex social problems. Lewandoski said this left Gillingham with one...

Une victoire en trompe-l’œil

October 28, 2022

La Liberte - ...« Ce qui était intéressant c’est que ce n’était pas une course à deux chevaux. Il y a eu beaucoup de votes pour Kevin Klein, Shaun Loney et même Robert Falcon-Ouellette. Sept électeurs sur 10 ont voté pour une autre personne que Scott Gillingham. Ce n’est donc pas un mandat...

Damning disinterest – Winnipeg Free Press

October 28, 2022

Winnipeg Free Press - ...vote shares very close to what the September polling had shown. Klein, who entered the race late, had a small boost; but the next four candidates in Shaun Loney, Jenny Motkaluk, Robert-Falcon Ouellette and Rana Bokhari finished exactly where they’d been predicted. This suggests to me that, by...

For Gillingham, the hard work starts now

October 27, 2022

Winnipeg Free Press - ...favourite to reclaim the job, finished second with 25.3 per cent of the vote. In the crowded field of 11 mayoral hopefuls, Kevin Klein and Shaun Loney also garnered double-digit support, with 14.8 and 14.7 per cent of the popular vote, respectively. The remaining candidates attracted vote...

A safe bet – Winnipeg Free Press

October 27, 2022

Winnipeg Free Press - ...the business tax. The election unfolded as Adams expected, with four front-runners — Gillingham, Murray, Kevin Klein (14.78 per cent) and Shaun Loney (14.66 per cent) — and the seven other candidates in a second pack. “I expected the second group to have more of a following than they did....

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