Umar Hayat

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Questionnaire Response

Umar Hayat - Mayoral Candidates

Why did you decide to run in the 2018 (Winnipeg Civic Election / School Board Election)?

I am running for mayor because I do not believe we can be a progressive city unless we are making real progress for the people who need our help the most, I am running for mayor because I know we can do better. I believe we can rebuild our roads and improve street safety. Taking care of those in need. Taking responsibility for protecting our environment. Understanding that every dollar we spent came from a taxpayer and we need show our respect for how hard that taxpayer worked to earn those dollars by spending them wisely. These are the authentic values of Winnipeg. And these are my values.

What experience will you bring to complement your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee)?

Transparency of city hall is very important also as I have a very strong entrepreneurial background, I am very encouraged to support Small businesses. Small business survival ensures the livelihood of communities, the creation of meaningful jobs, the support of makers, and the preservation of traditional production methods. All small businesses will be able to tackle there problems at one window that will be provided by the city. We would like to organize a small businesses seminar, to promote small businesses twice a year, with the help of the Winnipeg chamber of commerce and industry. On the official city of Winnipeg website there will be a section to promote Winnipeg businesses.

What are some issues that you would like to stand for in your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee), and why are these issues important to you?

If I am granted the position to be the mayor of our beloved city I will say No More ‘ Strong Mayor,’ model of Civic Governance. One of my first manners of business will be to ABOLISH  THE “EXECUTIVE POLICY COMMITTEE” ENTIRELY. Mental Health is a huge issue that needs to be taken much more seriously, by reducing mental Health illness poverty, crime and homelessness will be reduced. Which will benefit our city tremendously! The city of Winnipeg needs more outreach workers that can help better our city each day.

The city should not be using taxpayer money to subsidize luxury projects. This is blatantly subsidizing the rich at the expense of the poor. Why is there money for that but no money to build low income housing, subsidized a low-income bus pass and have more mental health and addiction treatment services? Poverty is a man-made invention to exploit the marginalized for the benefit of the rich and. I think the fact that the Mayor is willing to subsidize luxury towers rather than housing and bus passes is a testament to this.

What is something that you appreciate about the (City of Winnipeg / the ward / the school ward or school division) you wish to represent?

Winnipeg has one of the most friendly and generous people in the world. The Canadian Museum of Human rights, the Winnipeg museum had to be designed with a global reach, keeping in mind that its contents must resonate with cultures that often have little in common except discord and suspicion.

I like Folklorama because it provides exposure to cultural groups and brings in thousands of tourists each year, adding to the city’s economy. It is the largest and longest-running festival of its kind in the world.

I am proud to attend the Winnipeg jazz and fringe festival every year.

Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

Affordable housing= The city has tremendous resources and equipment. Instead of the city selling land to private developers and letting them develop the land and sell it for approximately $150,000-$200,000 per lot, the city should take initiative to develop the land themselves and sell it to Winnipeggers for approximately $50,000-70,000 per lot. This will help provide Winnipeggers the chance to build there dream home.
My plan is to start 24/7 construction concept to complete projects as soon as possible. The objective is to open fewer sites with the intention of shortest possible completion time. For example, we will open 2/3 sites instead of 9/10 and finish them first before moving to the other locations. This will not only minimize traffic congestion but also reduce stress and psychological impacts.

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Newcomers question mayoral hopefuls

October 7, 2018

Winnipeg Free Press - ...not going to have any personal attacks." All six candidates who participated in the forum — Ed Ackerman, incumbent Mayor Brian Bowman, Tim Diack, Umar Hayat, Doug Wilson and Don Woodstock — earned extra speaking time for their good behaviour. The no-shows were Venkat Machiraju, who did not RSVP to his...

Mayoral candidates discuss making Winnipeg more inclusive at new forum

October 6, 2018

CTV - ...of Winnipeg," said Tim Diack. "Open our immigration policy, bring immigrants here so we can start an effective, prosperous economy," said Umar Hayat. “Every person that comes to Winnipeg has a talent or skill. we need to make use of those talents and skills,” said Doug Wilson. "Make sure...

Diversity in spotlight at mayoral debate

October 5, 2018

Winnipeg Free Press - ...Simply add a form of payment and pay only 27¢ per article. Seven of the eight mayoral candidates were there — incumbent Brian Bowman, Umar Hayat, Tim Diack, Doug Wilson, Venkat Machiraju, Woodstock and Ed Ackerman. “Until we change that, it won’t happen,” he said at the forum organized...

Bowman tunes out challenger at forum but adopts road-repair plan hours later

October 5, 2018

Winnipeg Free Press - ...attention to Hayat's proposals or anything else he had been saying the night before. The 24-7 work schedule is a proposal that was first raised by Umar Hayat the night of the first mayoral forum, Sept. 18 at the University of Winnipeg, and an issue that Hayat raised again Thursday night at the Winnipeg...

Mayoral debate features revelation of homelessness, applause for gender, probe of arrest

October 5, 2018

CBC Manitoba - ...said were now familiar campaign talking points — curbing meth use, improving safety, completing an interior ring road, to name a few. But Umar Hayat left the audience a little stunned when he asked people to clap for Motkaluk because she was doing a "tremendous job" running for mayor "as a...

Sécurité et méthamphétamine au coeur d’un débat des candidats à la mairie de Winnipeg

October 4, 2018

Ici Radio Canada / CBC Francais - ...texte de Camille Gris Roy Les huit candidats dans la course, soit Ed Ackerman, Brian Bowman, Tim Diack, Umar Hayat, Venkat Machiraju, Jenny Motkaluk, Doug Wilson et Don Woodstock, avaient répondu présents à ce forum organisé par Winnipeg Realtors et le Winnipeg Free Press. Jenny Motkaluk a, à...

Mayoral hopefuls take aim at each other

October 4, 2018

Winnipeg Free Press - ...hall. At one point late in the evening, Woodstock’s wife repeatedly yelled out from the audience as Woodstock and Motkaluk traded rebuttals. Umar Hayat brought some much-need levity and humour to the event, as he used his time to answer and pose questions to parade on the theatre’s main stage like...

Bowman enjoying majority of voter support: poll

October 4, 2018

Winnipeg Sun - for? Answers: Brian Bowman: 61% Jenny Motkaluk: 28% Tim Diack: 3% Don Woodstock: 3% Doug Wilson: 2% Ed Ackerman: 1% Desmond Thomas: 1% Umar Hayat: 1% Chris Clacio: less than 1% Venkat Machiraju: less than...

Preventing crime, cutting police budget go together, mayoral candidate says

October 3, 2018

Winnipeg Free Press - ...drug-fuelled crime is becoming a hot topic in the civic election but at least one mayoral candidate said spending more on police is not the answer. Umar Hayat, a real estate and stock market investor, said Wednesday he’d freeze the Winnipeg Police Service budget in 2019 and then roll it back another $6...

Bowman promises improvement to bus ride experience

October 1, 2018

Winnipeg Sun - ...upgrades or increased maintenance costs,” wrote Aleem Chaudhary, president of the Amalgamated Transit Union local 1505. And mayoral candidate Umar Hayat said the city would be better off investing all $4.1 million in the low-income bus pass, which he believes would increase ridership and better...

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