2014 Winnipeg Civic Election

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2014 Winipeg Election Archive

Open Democracy Manitoba will be launching their 2018 Winnipeg Election resource in August. All information below concerns the 2014 election.

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Winnipeg Election 2014

On Wednesday October 22 of 2014 the citizens of Winnipeg go to the polls to elect their Mayor, their City Councillors and their School Trustees.

2014 Election Results

City of Winnipeg Election Results

Where Do I Vote?

To find your voting location, enter your address in the voting location tool made by the City of Winnipeg.

Voter Education

Everything you always wanted to know about municipal elections in Winnipeg but were afraid to ask.

Visit our voter education page.

2014 Election Issues

We've compiled a comprehensive list of issues webpages set up by various Winnipeg organizations for the 2014 Winnipeg Election.


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