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October 24, 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who built the WinnipegElection.ca website?

WinnipegElection.ca is a voter resource built by Open Democracy Manitoba (ODM). ODM is a non-profit organization that builds digital tools for democratic engagement. Learn more about ODM.

Parts of this site were built with the help of a team of students from Red River College.

Simranjeet Hunjan, Joel Hurtig and Heng Yu worked full-time as web programmers on this site from January to April of 2018 as part of their RRC Business Information Technology project term. Dan Axelsson also worked during this time as scrum master and technical analyst as part of his RRC Business Technology Management project term. Much of the site design was created by Ashley Jaworenko and Ashley Rebillard as part of an assignment in the RRC Graphic Design program.


How can candidate information be updated?

Candidates can send us updated photos and information via email: contact@opendemocracymanitoba.ca

Emails should be sent from the email address we have listed for a candidate or the address listed in their election registration/nomination papers.

We will do our best to process all updates within 24 hours of their receipt.

After October 21th we will no longer be accepting candidate updates. Updates received after this date will not be posted to our site. This deadline exists to ensure that our site remains accurate and consistent during the week of the election.


How do you decide what candidate information to list?

Email Addresses and Phone Numbers were found using Google or supplied by candidates. Phone numbers are only listed if they are for a campaign office. Found email addresses are only listed if they are obviously election related (e.g. voteforcandidate@email.com) or if they were found on the candidate’s election website or election Facebook page.

Websites: Sites must be election related. Sites have been found using Google or supplied by the candidates. Councillor websites are also listed on the incumbents page.

Twitter and YouTube Accounts: Found using Google or supplied by the candidates.

Facebook Pages: Found by searching Facebook or supplied by candidates. In most cases we will link to candidate “fan pages” created specifically for the election. If no fan page exists we will link to Facebook profiles where the wall and info sections are publicly available. Private profiles will be linked to only by candidate request.

Photos: Many were supplied to us directly by candidates. Some photos were found on candidate election websites or public Facebook pages.


How can a debate or forum be listed on your calendar?

Debates and forums can be brought to our attention via email: contact@opendemocracymanitoba.ca


What process will you follow for the candidate questionnaires?

We will send a questionnaire to all all mayoral, council and school trustee candidates after the nomination period closes. After this point, no new candidates may be listed on the ballot. All candidates of each election category (mayor, councillor, school trustee) will receive their questionnaires on the same day and will be given the same number of days to reply.

All questionnaires willl be sent by email. If a candidate does not have an email address, attempts will be made to contact the candidate by phone in order to get the email address before questionnaires are sent out.

Five questions were selected related to the candidates’ intent, experience, and ideas. Candidates were limited to 200 words per question.


What questions were on your candidate questionnaire?

Coming soon.


Are the operations of your website transparent?

This website was created in the spirit of openness, community and accountability.

The history of this site can be seen in our Press Releases and Press Mentions.

The processes used to gather candidate information, find candidate news mentions, and manage candidate questionnaires, can be found on this FAQ page. See all Frequently Asked Questions.

This website is powered by a custom WordPress plugin developed by Open Democracy Manitoba. A preview release of this plugin is available if you wish to create an election website similar to ours. The source code for this plugin, and all election information used on this site, are released free and unencumbered into the public domain.


How is your website funded?

The development of this website was funded in part by a Community Investment grant from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). CIRA manages the .CA top-level domain, Canada’s online identifier, on behalf of all Canadians. A Member-driven organization, CIRA also facilitates the development of a better Internet for all Canadians, and represents the .CA registry internationally.

Our CIRA grant is now complete. Ongoing site development and maintenance will be a volunteer effort by the board members of Open Democracy Manitoba.


How did you make this website?

The website is powered by the following technologies:

WordPress for the web framework.

PHP for programming our WordPress election plugin.

MySQL for the database.

Nginx for the web server.