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About Us is a citizen created resource for civic elections in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Our site is volunteer-run and was created in the spirit of openness, community and accountability.

For more information on how this website was built and how it is operated please see our FAQ.

Open Democracy Manitoba

The site was built by the volunteer efforts of Kyle Geske, Jody Gillis, Andrew Burton and Ken Harasym. Together these four friends founded Open Democracy Manitoba, the community organization that maintains this website.

This website was originally built for the Winnipeg general election in October of 2010. In the fall of 2011 we created a similar website for the Manitoba provincial election.

Our Mission

We strive to educate voters, empowering them to understand the roles, issues, and visions of our representatives in order have a more accountable and respectful democracy.

For more information see our press page.

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