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Questionnaire Response

Don Woodstock - Mayoral Candidates

Why did you decide to run in the 2018 (Winnipeg Civic Election / School Board Election)?

Having seen the level of nepotism and blatant disregard for our democratic rights, it was all too much for me to sit down and do nothing.  Right is right, and Wrong is WRONG!  We can’t keep pretending everything is O.K. when it is not.  I want to be the Mayor for the people who truly serves the people and not just say they do!  Defending our tax dollars – ensuring they are spent on what Winnipeggers really need is what the people want!  I will defend those dollars.

I will have revisions done to the different departments and procedures of the City of Winnipeg that today, does not foster good will or prosperity for our citizens.

What experience will you bring to complement your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee)?

Over the last 18+ years, I have lobbied City Council on a number of initiatives.  I have a first-hand knowledge of how Council works.  Working closely with Harvey Smith, he taught me the inside workings of City Council.  As a business owner, I know first-hand and by relationships with other business owners, the struggles that businesses face here in Winnipeg.  It all needs to change.

As a visionary, I lobbied the City to change from “Garbage Day” to “Recycle Day” in the City’s literature & media – this took me 2 years to accomplish.  See what perseverance can do!  I lobbied the Provincial Government for the first set of electric buses.  I created & organized “Reusable Bag Day” on the steps of the Legislature to bring awareness to reusable bags, created & organize annually the FREE West End Football Futures Clinic and Educational Scholarship for the past 6 years, along with many other meaningful projects.  These projects took years to put together and a lot of hard work.  My own dime & time, but I got it done!

People who know me best, know that when I know something is right – I don’t let it go!!

What are some issues that you would like to stand for in your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee), and why are these issues important to you?

Ending Homelessness – It is important to me because it is cheaper to build a home for them and give them services, then to leave them on the street.  As well, giving a homeless person a home will give them a safe place in which they can now regain their dignity and help to bring them back into our society.

Sports Capital not crime capital – By investing $250-$300M annually into sports, recreational facilities & programs will be able to engage the youth, hence less crime.  When a child’s brain is developed around sports and/or activities that child will go on to be a more productive member of society.

As a environmentalist at heart, I would love the opportunity to ban plastic bags & straws.  There are alternatives.  Create a sustainable economy from the environmental sector.

What is something that you appreciate about the (City of Winnipeg / the ward / the school ward or school division) you wish to represent?

It’s diversity is very much appreciated along with the different cuisine that each culture enjoys.  I love trying different foods and never pass up an opportunity to taste something different.  My two children are born right here!  We are proud Winnipeggers!

Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

Many candidates will come to you asking you for their vote.  Ask them one question, “What have you done for Winnipeg, so that I will know what you will do?”  It’s a simple question but the answer has great meaning.  Talk is cheap.  Action is everything.  If you are looking for something different – then vote Don Woodstock – Keeping it real!

Investigate your candidates to see their backgrounds, their businesses, their credibility.  If someone tells you “they are the Queen of England” don’t just take their word for it – check it out. Then hold them in high regard.

Check out Don Woodstock at or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.  See my history, my work I have done.  It is all documented.

Come on this journey with me where we end ‘corporate welfare’ where we no longer invest in millionaires & billionaires, but instead invest in our youth and communities.

Vote Don Woodstock for Mayor

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Police officer registers to run for mayor of Winnipeg

May 29, 2018

CTV - ...candidate to register a run for mayor of Winnipeg. Incumbent Mayor Brian Bowman, Umar Hayat, Jenny Motkaluk, former Morden mayor Doug Wilson and Don Woodstock are running. Election day is October 24,...

Constable who wants to be mayor says he wouldn’t be be a police puppet

May 29, 2018

CBC Manitoba - ...also have Progressive Conservative ties. Entrepreneur Umar Hayat, former Morden, Man., mayor Doug Wilson and former Winnipeg Transit driver Don Woodstock have also registered to run for mayor. Diack describes himself as a Red Tory. He said Tuesday he only sought the Progressive Conservative...

Moving rail lines on latest mayoral candidate’s platform

May 29, 2018

Winnipeg Sun - ... Diack is the sixth person to register as a mayoral candidate, following Hayat, former Morden mayor Doug Wilson, past provincial election candidate Don Woodstock, business consultant Jenny Motkaluk and current mayor Brian Bowman. Winnipeggers will vote in their next mayor and council on Oct. 24. ...

Longtime Winnipeg police officer announces mayoral run

May 29, 2018

Global News - ...mayoral election later this year. Diack is a 30-year veteran of the Winnipeg Police Service, and joins Jenny Motkaluk, Doug Wilson, Umar Hayat and Don Woodstock in challenging incumbent Brian Bowman for the role. READ MORE: Winnipeg mayoral race now has four candidates He had previously made an...

Winnipeg police officer seeks to arrest Brian Bowman’s reign as mayor

May 28, 2018

CBC Manitoba - entrepreneur Umar Hayat, business-development consultant Jenny Motkaluk, former Morden mayor Doug Wilson and former Winnipeg Transit operator Don Woodstock. To appear on the ballot, candidates must complete the nomination process in September. The election takes place Oct....

Winnipeg 2018: The mayoral race where no one campaigns

May 27, 2018

CBC Manitoba - ...whiteout would have been sheer stupidity. That's likely why Winnipeg's other mayoral candidates — Umar Hayat, Jenny Motkaluk, Doug Wilson and Don Woodstock — have also been exceptionally quiet during the month of May. That said, the Jets were defeated nearly a week ago. Winnipeg's mayoral wannabes...

Let the people decide EPC members, says mayoral candidate

May 18, 2018

Winnipeg Sun - ...mayoral candidate wants to reform how members of council’s executive policy committee are selected, in the hopes of reducing the mayor’s power. Don Woodstock alleges the modern Winnipeg mayor has too much sway over council votes, since he or she can appoint and remove the six council members who join the...

Mayor Brian Bowman Officially Registers to Run For Second Term

May 11, 2018

ChrisD - ... Bowman is married to Tracy, and the pair have two children. Four other candidates have registered, including Umar Hayat, Jenny Motkaluk, Don Woodstock and Doug Wilson. -Staff Advertisements Comments ...

Brian Bowman officially running for re-election

May 11, 2018

CBC Manitoba - ...and former city councillors Gord Steeves and Paula Havixbeck. Business development consultant Jenny Motkaluk, former Winnipeg Transit driver Don Woodstock, former Morden, Man., mayor Doug Wilson and Umar Hayat — who describes himself as an entrepreneur, real estate investor and a stock trader —...

Winnipeg mayoral candidate cites poverty as top issue, pledges better wages and educational opportunities

May 4, 2018

CBC Manitoba - ...politician. Winnipeg doesn't need an administrator," Wilson said. Business development consultant Jenny Motkaluk and former Winnipeg Transit driver Don Woodstock have also registered to run for mayor. Winnipeggers go to the polls on Oct....

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