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Jenny Motkaluk

Jenny Motkaluk

Phone: 204-410-1065

Awaiting Questionnaire Response

Jenny Motkaluk

Candidate in the Mayoral Candidates race.

Jenny can be reached on social media, at [email protected], or by calling 204-410-1065.

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How much money mayoral candidates raised in Winnipeg’s election

June 29, 2023

CTV - ...ranged from almost breaking even to having a couple hundred left over. There were a few who spent more than they brought in, most notably was Jenny Motkaluk. She mustered $73,568.48 in income but spent $119,274.24, leaving her with a deficit of $45,705.76. The entire list of financial reports for all...

Gillingham raised more money than competitors in 2022 Winnipeg mayoral election

June 28, 2023

CBC Manitoba - ...by far the biggest surplus, spending $7,090.03 less than he raised. Most other candidates had modest surpluses in the tens to hundreds of dollars. Jenny Motkaluk, who finished in sixth place, had a deficit of $45,705.76. The financial statements also show the names of everyone who donated more than $250 to a...

Stefanson pins re-election hopes on friends outside government

January 23, 2023

Winnipeg Free Press - ...Ford’s 2018 leadership campaign and advising the Ontario PC party’s 2018 and 2022 election campaigns. In Manitoba, he advised mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk — but claimed no official role — in her two campaigns. And while Stefanson’s team denied that Diamond had any official role in her 2021...

Local stories that mattered in 2022

December 30, 2022

Winnipeg Free Press - ...hoping to replace Mayor Brian Bowman, who did not seek re-election, sparked plenty of headlines. The group included 2018 mayoral runner-up Jenny Motkaluk, past Winnipeg mayor Glen Murray, two-term city councillor Scott Gillingham, rookie councillor Kevin Klein, social enterprise leader Shaun Loney,...

Construction firm sues disqualified mayoral candidate over bribery remarks

November 3, 2022

Winnipeg Free Press - ...is being sued by Bayview Construction, its president Blake Karschuk and company vice-presidents Jeff Krawetz and John Motkaluk (mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk’s brother). The lawsuit seeks damages for comments it attributes to Thawani during a Sept. 7 event at the Good Neighbours Active Living Centre,...

Mayoral vote reveals ‘doughnut phenomenon’

October 31, 2022

Winnipeg Free Press - ...the southern half of Winnipeg and inner neighbourhoods. He decided not to seek a third term, leaving this year’s election wide open. Candidate Jenny Motkaluk finished second that year and a distant sixth in 2022. Moore noted Murray won a lot of the same areas of north Winnipeg and Transcona that Motkaluk...

Damning disinterest – Winnipeg Free Press

October 28, 2022

Winnipeg Free Press - ...close to what the September polling had shown. Klein, who entered the race late, had a small boost; but the next four candidates in Shaun Loney, Jenny Motkaluk, Robert-Falcon Ouellette and Rana Bokhari finished exactly where they’d been predicted. This suggests to me that, by mid-September, many decided...

A safe bet – Winnipeg Free Press

October 27, 2022

Winnipeg Free Press - ...did. They really were pushed into fringe candidate territory,” said Adams. Robert-Falcon Ouellette (7.71 per cent) finished fifth, followed by Jenny Motkaluk (3.82 per cent) and Rana Bokhari (3.03 per cent). Rick Shone (1.32 per cent), Don Woodstock (0.97 per cent), Idris Adelakun (0.65 per cent) and...

Complete results of the 2022 Winnipeg civic election

October 27, 2022

Winnipeg Free Press - ...as follows: Scott Gillingham 53,663 votes 53,663 votes Glen Murray 49,272 Kevin Klein 28,806 Shaun Loney 28,567 Robert-Falcon Ouellette 15,029 Jenny Motkaluk 7,443 Rana Bokhari 5,900 Rick Shone 2,570 Don Woodstock 1,889 Idris Adelakun 1,263 Chris Clacio 451 Results for the council races were as...

Night of surprises – Winnipeg Free Press

October 26, 2022

Winnipeg Free Press - ...a few years ago. The full slate of candidates included former MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette, former Manitoba Liberal leader Rana Bokhari, consultant Jenny Motkaluk, businessman Rick Shone, security company owner Don Woodstock, engineer Idris Adelakun and grocery store worker Chris Clacio. The victor ...

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