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Robert-Falcon Ouellette

Candidate in the Mayoral Candidates race.

Robert-Falcon can be reached on social media, at [email protected], or by calling 204-410-0807.

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Questionnaire Response

Robert-Falcon Ouellette - Mayoral Candidates

What got you into politics?

I entered politics in 2014 when I was a professor studying the City of Winnipeg and the different social groups that make up Winnipeg. I was surprised by the results of my research and was talking with a friend who said stop complaining and get involved. So I sent an email to 100 friends asking if I should run for Mayor. Around 50 said no because they felt I would find the city too racist, 47 said I should run and 3 said to run, and that I might even win.

We started the campaign with those three people around the kitchen table trying to figure out politics. It was hard work. We had no organization, no money, but we did have ideals, and ideas. It carried us far. Not much has really changed in 8 years. The City of Winnipeg has the same issues from 2014, homelessness, addictions, mental health, CFS, the environment, good urban design, arts and culture that should bring people together. The list goes on.

Today our teams still has little money, but we have ideals and ideas. Please see our website robertfalcon.ca for our vision for a Winnipeg which is safe, thriving and livable.

What experience will you bring to compliment your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee)?

Robert Falcon is from Red Pheasant Cree Nation in Saskatchewan. He is a dedicated community organizer and educator. The son of an alcoholic residential school survivor who was homeless as a child. He has been able to rise above poverty through the love of his mother. A veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces for 27 years where he served as a company commander in the 5th Field Ambulance. Currently, he serves with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles.  He has a PhD and two master’s degrees from Laval University in Quebec City and he was only the second Indigenous person to graduate from Laval in 350 years with a PhD.

He is a former Member of Parliament where, incredibly, he obtained unanimous consent to change the Standing Orders of the House of Commons for the full inclusion and interpretation of Indigenous languages, demonstrating his ability to work with all political parties. He was the Chair of the Indigenous caucus, where he helped lead change in Child and Family Services,  languages legislation and advance reconciliation. He speaks four languages and most importantly, he enjoys spending time running and canoeing with his family, all while playing their musical instruments.

What are some issues that you would like to stand for in your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee), and why are these issues important to you?

At the outset of the 2014 mayoral campaign, I said to the people of Winnipeg:  ‘You give me hope. In the face of corruption, you continue to believe in honesty. In the face of exclusion, you continue to believe in the ideal of one city.’ Now in 2022 this is still the case. We continue to believe that we can be one city, united in common cause.

If I could solve a few major issues during 4 years as Mayor, it would homelessness, addictions and mental health. This has been ignored for far too long. Addictions has a direct link to crime because people often need to steal to pay for their addictions; this impacts, policing, firefighters and ambulance services; it impacts us when people no longer ride the buses; it impacts where people open businesses, because no one goes downtown or lives in certain areas. This election is important. When we keep trying the same solutions over & over, it leads to the same results. Politicians being social animals often end up hanging out with the people that resemble them. Homelessness & addictions will never be solved when you are comfortable. So lets make the mayor’s chair uncomfortable.

Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

While people think I only care about homelessness, I want a city that my children can be proud of. We hear too many stories of Winnipeggers moving away because of the atmosphere in the city. I want a safe city where our children can ride the bus, where bus drivers are not afraid of being on the bus. I dream of a city where we have good urban design, which is beautiful and clean. I dream of  a city where all children have access to city services equally. We need a good environment and we need this to be affordable. I dream of city where people from Calgary, Montreal, and Toronto want to move to because it is such a great place to work and grow a family.


Are these dreams unrealistic or are they valid. I think most Winnipegger share this vision too, but it is time that we have courage to elect a mayor which will speak and act from the heart for the benefit of all Winnipeggers. I hope you will support this vision for a better city for everyone, in all neighborhoods.


Robert Falcon


PS, Yes we will also fix the potholes and clear the snow.

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September 3, 2022

CTV - ...of the mayoral candidates for the upcoming civic election is promising to review the city's photo radar program if he becomes mayor this October. Robert Falcon-Ouellette says the city's Photo Enforcement Program is not up to national standards. "We're not using systems which actually benefit the long term...

La sécurité des transports en commun à Winnipeg, encore une fois pointée du doigt

August 4, 2022

Ici Radio Canada / CBC Francais - ...Klein, Glen Murray ou encore Don Woodstock. Plusieurs promettent de renforcer la présence policière s’ils sont élus, par exemple le candidat Robert Falcon-Ouellette. On laisse les erreurs continuer et perdurer au lieu d’agir immédiatement , déplore-t-il. La Ville de son côté affirme que le...

La difficulté de se faire connaître

August 4, 2022

La Liberte - ...du temps à connaître les autres candidats. » Justement, derrière Glen Murray, on retrouve Scott Gillingham avec 16 % d’appui des sondés et Robert Falcon-Ouellette avec 13 % d’appui. Ce sont des noms également connus dans le monde politique. Scott Gillingham pour son rôle en tant que conseiller...

Vie nocturne, égouts, bibliothèque, les promesses des candidats à la mairie se multiplient

July 18, 2022

Ici Radio Canada / CBC Francais - Les candidats à la mairie de Winnipeg continuent de présenter leurs propositions en vue de l'élection municipale cet automne. Le candidat à la mairie de Winnipeg, Shaun Loney, veut aider le secteur culturel et la vie nocturne au centre-ville. Par ailleurs, M. Shone veut que la Ville aide davantage les Autochtones qui viennent s'installer à Winnipeg à trouver du logement et du travail. Douze candidats sont inscrits à la course à la mairie. Les candidats à la mairie sont : Glen MurrayIdris AdelakunRana BokhariChris ClacioScott GillinghamRobert-Falcon OuelletteShaun LoneyJenny MotkalukRick ShoneDesmond ThomasDon WoodstockJessica PeeblesAvec les informations de Bartley Kives

Mayoral candidate seeks to boost city night-time potential

July 18, 2022

Winnipeg Free Press - If Shaun Loney is elected Winnipeg’s next mayor, another “mayor” would boost local nightlife. A nightlife mayor would streamline the licensing process for businesses and events, proactively address noise concerns and help ensure safe, late-night transit can support patrons. The city employee would also explore a potential dedicated night-time district where art galleries, theatres, bars, clubs and/or other venues could be centralized. More promisesOther mayoral candidates have added pledges to expand the hours for city projects or services to their platforms. Two other mayoral candidates believe Winnipeg libraries should be open seven days a week.

Winnipeg mayoral candidate Shaun Loney says Winnipeg needs a ‘nightlife mayor’

July 18, 2022

CBC Manitoba - Mayoral candidate Shaun Loney says Winnipeg needs two mayors — a regular, elected mayor to handle political duties and what he calls a "nightlife mayor." Loney promised Tuesday to create a new position of nightlife mayor to help revitalize downtown Winnipeg and enhance the arts and cultural industries. The nightlife mayor would be responsible for streamlining the permits process for events and addressing noise concerns, among other duties, Loney said. The name nightlife mayor recalls Night Mayor, a 2009 short film by former Winnipegger Guy Maddin. Murray makes library pledgeMayoral candidate Glen Murray has promised to extend Winnipeg library hours.

Mayoral candidate seeks city strategy for new Indigenous residents in need

July 15, 2022

Winnipeg Free Press - A new “arrival strategy” would aim to help Indigenous folks who need some support after moving to Winnipeg settle in successfully — if Rick Shone is elected as the city’s next mayor. A new "arrival strategy" would aim to help Indigenous folks who need some support after moving to Winnipeg settle in successfully — if Rick Shone is elected as the city’s next mayor. Shone says his "Embracing Winnipeg" strategy would create two new full-time positions within the city’s Indigenous relations division. Under the strategy, the municipal government would not create new programs but help act as a liaison to connect those in need with existing services. Meanwhile, another 2022 mayoral candidate says he would tackle crime by making significant investments in sports, arts and music programs.

Scott Gillingham présente son plan d’action pour prévenir la criminalité à Winnipeg

July 15, 2022

Ici Radio Canada / CBC Francais - Le candidat à la mairie de Winnipeg Scott Gillingham dévoile son plan d'action pour lutter contre la criminalité dans la ville. S'il est élu maire cet automne, Scott Gillingham encouragera les forces de l'ordre de la capitale à reprendre l'analyse statistique des tendances criminelles à l'échelle de la ville. Selon lui, ce serait le seul aspect de son plan qui entraînerait des coûts supplémentaires pour la municipalité. Il y a quelques jours, le chef de la police de Winnipeg, Danny Smyth, a déclaré que les crimes violents ne sont pas un problème nouveau pour la ville. Scott Gillingham est l'une des 12 personnes inscrites pour se présenter à la mairie de Winnipeg.

Mayoral candidate Gillingham unveils crime prevention plan for Winnipeg

July 14, 2022

CBC Manitoba - Mayoral candidate Scott Gillingham unveiled a crime prevention plan he says was in the works well before a recent slew of high-profile violent incidents in Winnipeg. Gillingham said the police service has moved away from proactive crime prevention to the point where the service no longer has the capacity to do much beyond responding to crime. That, he said, is the only aspect of his crime prevention plan that would incur any additional costs to the city. "I do not support defunding the police, but I do believe that the Winnipeg Police Service needs to be fiscally accountable so that we can protect taxpayers and other city services," Gillingham said. Gillingham is one of 12 people registered to run for mayor in Winnipeg.

Candidates pledge to fight crime, boost public transit

July 14, 2022

Winnipeg Free Press - One day after city police confirmed violent crime rose in 2021, the mayoral candidate released a strategy for policing and crime prevention. "I believe it’s critical for Winnipeg to get ahead of our long-term crime challenges… We need a steady, reliable, effective, co-ordinated strategy to bring crime, especially violent crime, down, so that Winnipeg is a safer city," Gillingham told reporters Thursday. Such officers could improve safety on Transit buses, at homeless shelters and within major public spaces that face a high risk of crime, he said. Despite some ongoing pressure for city hall to defund police, Gillingham said he doesn’t plan to reduce the law enforcement budget. Loney, an entrepreneur and former policy analyst, would create a new group of "Transit peace officers" who could enforce rules and fare collection, while also connecting those in need with services to address mental health and addictions.